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  1. Freeclassic drum maschine (volca sampler kit & wav files)

    Hey guys


    Link in youtube video description
  2. How to make swedish house mafia one bass-line in 30 sec

    Hope you guys enjoy

  3. Youtube Studio Stream (Deep House Ableton Live)

    Hey Guys, Just uploaded a new Studio Stream, Hope you Enjoy!
  4. Need Some help with Live streaming, Recording

    Hey everyone,

    I need some advice, im looking at recording some of my studio sessions and would like to know how I can use my monitors and mic together.

    Obviously the feedback is the issue and...
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    Congrats on the degree. How did I get to...

    Congrats on the degree.

    How did I get to berklee.

    Well I'm 31 years old.
    Worked my whole life in jobs I hated so I could get the funds to study my passion. So feel really blessed to be able...
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    Thanks for the advice. I come from the old...

    Thanks for the advice.

    I come from the old school where you get to where you are through hard work and commitment.

    I also come from the old school where education is important and having...
  7. Looking to build my Mixing and Mastering Portfolio

    Hey everybody, brand new to the forum.

    I have currently enrolled at berklee to study mixing and mastering.

    I am looking to build up my portfolio so will mix and master songs for free.
    I dont...
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    Hello from South Africa

    Hey everybody,

    Long time reader of the forum, best knowledge on the net here.

    Took the plunge to study music production at berklee.

    Studying Mixing and Mastering.

    Looking forward to...
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