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  1. Need a midi controller to use with FL Studio Producers Edition

    Any recommendations on a controller?

    I'm on a 100-200 dollar budget. I was looking at the M-Audio Oxygen 49. The Oxygen does have the pads. I'd like 49 keys minimum. The Keystation looks decent...
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    Switching mpk249 for maschine mk2 worth it?

    My experience has not been fun with the mpk249. Is it worth switching from this to the maschine mk2? And is the maschine software as deep as FL studio?
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    FL Studio 12 FPC midi controller trouble.

    Anyone else ever have any issues linking their midi controller pads to the FPC pads? I'm using a MPK249. I've learned all the pads in FPC to the ones on my controller. The problem I'm having is some...
  4. I guess I'm worried about latency. I'm also using...

    I guess I'm worried about latency. I'm also using FL Studio. I've actually noticed ASIO4ALL is pretty good and I haven't noticed a delay so maybe you're right.
  5. Need a low cost but quality interface! Suggestions?

    Have a M-Audio keystation and I'm going to add an MPC Ren soon. I'm looking for a quality audio interface to use with these 2, that is not high in cost. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Sticky: I personally will probably read the manual even...

    I personally will probably read the manual even though hands on is the best avenue.
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