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  1. Synthwave Template For Studio One

    Hey! Here is my Synthwave Template for Studio One. I decided to try this DAW and i love it!

    Download in YouTube description
  2. Super Trance Template For FL Studio!

    Check out this amazing trance project for FL Studio. This is full track, mixed and mastered with almost all stock plugins (only Sylenth1 & Spire)

  3. Free Chillwave template for Ableton

    Free Chillwave template for Ableton, download and all info about vst etc here:
    Free Chillwave Template – OST Audio
  4. Amped Out - Cyberpunk Sample Pack (Dirty, Synths, Bass, Atmos, Vocals, Drum Loop)

    <span dir="auto" class="style-scope yt-formatted-string" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; background: rgb(249, 249, 249); color: rgb(3, 3, 3); font-family: Roboto, Arial, sans-serif;...
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    You ave right! Video is here: ...

    You ave right! Video is here:
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    Synthwave Tempalte for FL Studio

    FL Studio Template in classic Synthwave Style :) Download link in the description.

  7. Hello guys, i just want to show you my new track = ableton sytnhwave template for dow

    Hello guys, i just want to show you my new track = ableton sytnhwave template for download.
    Link to download in YouTube description
  8. Zulu PSYTRANCE Ableton Template Als. Project download

    Hello guys, i want to present my new Psytrance template. Its everything what ou need if you learning psytrance production:


  9. "Beats In Quarantine" 140 FREE Trap, HipHop, LoFi, RnB Samples 🔥

    "Beats In Quarantine" A Collection of amazing Trap, HipHop, RnB & Lofi beats. All for FREE!
    Link to download in the YouTube Description- 140 Samples- Drum Loops- Drum Shots- Vocals- Melodic Loops-...
  10. 64 Trance Presets for Sylenth1 you'll actually use + FL Studio Template

    If you are a trance producer you should have Syletnh1. Simple and powerful.This soundbank comes with 64 presets and a big FL Studio template.This...
  11. Modern & Premium Trap Sample Pack with extra Vocals 🔥🔥

    This fresh sample pack is �� Modern loops, Vocals, Toanls sounds and much more. Check out it here:

    �� DOWNLOAD:
  12. Amazing Trance Sylenth1 Soundbank + template for every DAW!


    This new soundbank is amazing. Classic, pro sounding is all you need if you are trance producer. Also coming with 8 minutes template for Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro. So you also...
  13. Sex Education but with Stranger Things Style Soundtrack

    Hello guys

    I really like music in movies, especially ambient. Stranger Things is one of my favorite.
    I find some scene from Sex Education and i try to write some nice music for it. What do you...
  14. Super Synthwave Collection - Sample Pack, Template, Presets DOWNLOAD

    Guys! Check this out. Big collection for synthwave collection. Full of amazing samples, presets, templates and more!

    Download:Synthwave Collection...
  15. Space Trip - Chillwave Sample pack

    Hi! This pack is really fresh and can inspire you for sure. If you looking for new chillwave sounds this is for you ;);t

    More info i download:...
  16. Syletnh1 Synthwave Soundbank + Templates + Samples + Midi (do you use presets)

    Hello, i'm glad to present you my new soundbank for Sylenth1. I worked on in for past 2 months.
    This pack contains 80 presets for Sylenth1
    8 templates for Ableton, Cubase & FL Studio, 8...
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    Thnaks buddy. These samples are my own actually....

    Thnaks buddy. These samples are my own actually. I'll release them in smaple packs soon. I understand you, i can feel missing mastering on this one. Thnaks!
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    Thank you men. I try to promo that because i...

    Thank you men. I try to promo that because i can't wait to hear some voice on it.
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    Thank you! Yeah this is my first beat. I have...

    Thank you! Yeah this is my first beat. I have tried some of the lofi in the past but nothing special. I created synthwave so far :)
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    Thanks mate me too :)

    Thanks mate me too :)
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