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    Making a east coast type beat

    What's good my fellow producers I have a new video out on how to make a east coast type beat
    Tune in leave some comments and sub if you want more
  2. Utilzing Ableton Live 10 Session View Effectively

    In this video I use session view in ableton to compose a beat
  3. Mixing in ableton Tutorial (Tips on stock plug-ins)

    In this video I show you how to use a few stock plug-ins to help your mix in ableton
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    Building up on Beatstars [Series]

    Any fellow producers looking to get started on Beatstars can learn the ropes along with me as I take like actionable steps in growing my Beatstars account right now I'm at the beginning stages so...
  5. Need help ? This is how to use loops

    I made this composition video on how to manipulate loops and turn them into your sound, it should help with getting your beats copyrighted by some one else
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    Beginners Do This (Ableton Tutorial)

    Whats good need some direction when getting started?
    check out this video for some insight
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    Cymatics pharaoh challenge

    I took on the Cymatics Pharaoh Challenge heres the full video of how I put it all together in ableton.
    Check me out and leave a like on the video lmk how you think I did.
  8. A Beat I made for the Cymatics Pharaoh contest !

    Check me out
  9. Need Content Ideas for Youtube Videos ?

    In this video I show you a quick way to find a way to make valuable viewable content on youtube
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    How to Stay Away From BEAT BLOCK !!

    I made a quick video attacking a strategy that I use typically when I find myself in the status of beat block
    I will be making a full series on this issue as well because they're are many ways I...
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    Best and Easiest DAW to USE

    Have a Video Here that gives you tips on how to make Beats way faster and easier Tune in if you like leave a comment and subscribe
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    Justin Bieber Beat I just Dropped
  13. How to recover from Covid as a Music artist

    Whats good I'm just giving tips for all fellow music makers on steps to take after covid has struck
  14. Quickest & Easiest way to sample in Ableton

    Yo what's good !
    I'm Cyril Jewels and I'm bringing this video to you
    To help you to use a sampling system that works
    Any kind of way in ableton .... All feedback is welcomed

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    I got the perfect answer for you go here FREE...

    I got the perfect answer for you go here FREE Beats!
  16. A composition I did in Ableton (Watch if you Dare)

    Drop a comment here there any where just post a comment Pros!
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    Wow that's amazing so do you rap as well? And my...

    Wow that's amazing so do you rap as well? And my soundcloud isnt as good as my website and or YouTube my webs is and my YouTube you can search Cyriljewels
  18. Here's a video of my simple home recording studio setup great for small budgets

    In this video I show off my little setup, not much but just enough to get the job done
    I have links to each product in the description if you check it out on youtube
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    Where to get Samples for beats

    What's good yall I got a video for any producer looking to find samples for beats in this video I point out the top 5 places to search for them so check it out
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    Great introduction, and I like the positive...

    Great introduction, and I like the positive mindset looking to reach out and build a team, I produce hip-hop and rap beats I also been just looking to supply information threw my youtube to help new...
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