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    Yup, layering and/or compressing and expanding...

    Yup, layering and/or compressing and expanding the transients will work.

    On a more general level, and listening to your track, the problem you're dealing with is that your kick and subbass are...
  2. Having trouble starting or finishing your tracks? Use the 80/20 rule.

    Hey guys.

    Here's an article I wrote explaining a few techniques that help with starting and finishing tracks.

    I know a lot of people out there struggle with this. Even strong producers get...
  3. Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST MUSIC FOR FEEDBACK: Common issues and feedback!

    This sticky will highlight actual issues (i.e. no personal opinions caused by the individual taste in music), as well as mentioning common feedback made by members of Future Producers Forum (that are...
  4. Sticky: 10 Things they donít tell Music ProducersÖ. til itís too late

    Hi Guys & girls,

    Here's a new post I wrote that seems to be getting quite a positive response. I originally shared the link just because the post iS kind of long, but I got slapped on the hand...
  5. Sticky: Jazz Arranging: Gary Lindsay, jazz voicings master class

    I came across this via Jazz Arranging Class Home run by Jim Martin watch it in small steps - I'll add some notes if folks are interested - I did write...
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    Sticky: Digital Audio Basics - Must See! (Video)!
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