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  1. Cupwise LoFi Reverb IR Collection (tube radios, tape delays, & more), Part One

    Lo-Fi Reverb IR Collection, Part One | Cupwise FX

    This collection of (mostly) reverb impulses includes a wide range of sources. Not everything in this set actually is ‘lo-fi’, as it also acts as...
  2. Cupwise Echo Chambers/Real Spaces Reverb IR Collection, Part One

    Echo Chambers/Real Spaces Reverb IR Collection, Part One | Cupwise FX

    Six real spaces were sampled extensively, including multiple mic and/or speaker setups, and with alternate 'bionic'...
  3. Cupwise Spring Reverb IR Collection (5 springs, inc BX20), Part One

    The Springs
    Five different hardware spring reverb units were sampled to create this set of IRs. Four of them were sampled very...
  4. Plate Reverb IR Collection (four plates), Part One

    Plate Reverb IR Collection, Part One | Cupwise FX

    Cupwise Plate Reverb IR Collection, Part One

    Up for your consideration- a collection of standard convolution impulses that you can use with any...
  5. Cupwise Nebula Release- Raybon & Nolard B Springs

    Two great springs in one set. Check them out here! If you have any of my recent reverb releases, you know what to expect in terms of control-ability, which has become my focus with doing these. You...
  6. Cupwise Nebula release- Nolard Spring Reverb & Tape Delay FX

    The spring reverb in this set is very thick and sounds great if you're after that type of sound . Adjustable 'tilt' style EQ and a control to adjust length/fadeout both make it unique in the Nebula...
  7. Creamy 660 comp/limiter Cupwise Nebula release

    First off- I recommend you get the demo set, even if you are pretty sure you want to buy. The programs in it, I think do a decent job of showing what the programs in the set can do and sound like (to...
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    Nebula Release: Custom Plate

    Just put a new reverb set up. It's made from a tube amp driven custom plate reverb. I think it's pretty unique in the nebula world but I already have the list of reasons on the site so I won't go...
  9. Smooth 609A Limiter- Cupwise FX Nebula release

    So the limiter section is finally done! I was going to announce this release in the same thread as the comp, but I didn't think it would be this long after the comps release that it came out so now...
  10. Pioneer analog echo/reverb, & FREE Nebula release

    ever since i started doing this i've always wanted to release a set of useful stuff for free, but i never seemed to have the free time for it. custom tremolo started out with the idea of being a free...
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    Slick 9k compressor

    I've just released a two part set of compressor programs for Nebula 3 pro/server vst. These are the follow up to my very successful and popular Rayphlex compressors (you can see what people have said...
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    Radio Junk - free vst lo-fi effects

    So I have an entry in the 2012 KVR Dev Challenge. Some people here might be familiar with my Nebula work, and this entry uses that tech in a standalone form known as Acqua (so you don't need Nebula)....
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    Rayphlex 661x2 Nebula compressor programs

    This is a new set of compressors I've made for Nebula. Nebula compressors have had a reputation for not really being too reliable for their compression abilities, and many people just use them for...
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    YouRei HP/LP filters, Nebula

    A set of HP/LP filters sampled from a unique filter unit. These aren't synth style filters (no resonance), but they are like the type you find on a console that are useful for mixing/production...
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    Nebula for production

    Hi guys! I'm offering up to 5 free copies of a set of Nebula effects to anyone who has Nebula 3 Pro, who would be willing to write up an honest review on it.

    I'm really not trying to spam my stuff...
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    cool, thanks man! ---------- Post added at...

    cool, thanks man!

    ---------- Post added at 11:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:03 PM ----------

    I'll try to keep your offer in mind. One day I might release some stuff as standalone vst...
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    Thanks for the advice, Antonio! As for me...

    Thanks for the advice, Antonio! As for me mentioning it in the mixing area, I'd be a little afraid of saying anything that would considered spam. If I bring up a product I'm selling over there, isn't...
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    Custom Tremolos -Nebula

    I'm making sets of tools for Nebula that I feel are more aimed at production. Most stuff out for the platform is probably more aimed at mixing (stuff like tape, classic console, and vintage EQ sims)....
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    Frequency Tweakers A - Nebula

    This is a set of two effects for the Nebula platform (if you don't know what it is, you might check it out, great way to get some analog flavor 'in the box'-• View forum - Nebula), both of which I ...
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    my favorite early aphex is the polygon windows...

    my favorite early aphex is the polygon windows surfing on sine waves album. i like it better than either SAW (both of which are good). i think some of the tracks on surfing are dark in a very creepy,...
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