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  1. The Brand New U.I.S Forum (Getting Started)

    The Brand New U.I.S Forum

    United in sound is a brand new music and production forum with genre's of all styles, from the likes of the following:

    UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Makina / J-Core...
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    Best music producing software?

    What's your best music producing software on the market at this moment in time?
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    Best website for sampling?

    Does anyone know a good webiste for sampling?
  4. In the need of a load of scratch samples

    Can anyone help me in this scratch samples department please :berzerk:
  5. Needing help if anyone can help.

    Know my Recording, great at Mixing, but need help on Mastering?
  6. Hi guys new member now registered :)

    Am new to this forum, hows everyone doin and how does this forum work?
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