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  1. 90's style EDM - Can't hold back featuring Sophia May [Manic Remix] F4F!!!

    I've just finshed a new remix project called "Can't hold back" featuring Sophia May.
    I've produced it using Cubase pro 9.5. The music is all done by me and the vocal is borrowed from Sophia May.
  2. [Melodic House] Manic Maniacs - Arising Spring 2019 [Original Mix] F4F


    We, the Manic Maniacs, would like to share our music with you. The past 2 weeks we produced a song we are proud to present to you.
    Arising Spring is a song with a positive vibe taking you...
  3. Orchestral concept for a movie or game [work in progress]


    I recently suffered from a writers block and couldn't produce anymore. My main focus was EDM, but i was running out of ideas, so i switched to something
    different like a movie score. I'm...
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    Sticky: Manic Maniacs | Free Listening on SoundCloud...

    Manic Maniacs | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  5. New track called "Destiny" made by our new group called Manic Maniacs

    It's been awile and since then a lot happend. We got signed by a record label and Both Sander and I produce under the name Manic Maniacs now.
    Our new track called "Destiny" wil be released at the...
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    Trailer score called "Sopranos"

    Hi all,

    I've been producing mainly EDM for the last past years and recently switched from ableton live 9.5 to Cubase pro 9 and haven't regret it's for one single second.
    Now doing lot's of EDM i...
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    EDM "I believe in you" F4F


    I made an EDM-track called "I believe in you" and tryed to do some vocal chops in ableton using the simpler. I think it worked out great.
    Let me know what you think and i will post some...
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    Silent Storm - EDM F4F

    This track was made with the idea to build up to a climax. It was done using ABleton live 9.5 featuring some samples, VST-plugins called sylenth1 and spire.
    I tryed to capture the energy of the...
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    Sun in your eyes - trance


    I just started a partnership with a friend of mine and we just produced our latest track called "Sun in your eyes". Since it's almost summertime we tought it would
    be great to produce an...
  10. It's a very musical track. Agree with others that...

    It's a very musical track. Agree with others that the drum can stand out more. An r&b-style vocal could really enhance the track. Track sounds clean, but need some little eq and mixing on the drums....
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    Thank you for your feedback klzthe13th. I added a...

    Thank you for your feedback klzthe13th. I added a bit more sidechaining to the track and enhanched the kick. I will listen to your track now and try to comment.

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    Timeless - trance [original mix]

    Was testing some new plugins from the komplete 11 package. Made this track in under 2 hours.
    Will probably add some stuff later on, but the main structure is oke i think.
    Maybe some feedback will...
  13. Strings on a leash ( movie/game music)


    I've been working on something new for the past 24 hours. I wanted to do something emotional for use in a game or a movie.
    It's still a demo and i was experimenting with different tempos to...
  14. Calvin Harris - Blame featuring JOhn newman 115 bpm chillstep remix.

    Just sharing..hope you like it....
  15. Could be a background track for a game called...

    Could be a background track for a game called castlevania on the super Nintendo :D
    The kick and the bass need some attention, maybe more sidechaining and the track need some mastering. I like the...
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    Higher baby 128 bpm edm

    Hi soundcheckers,

    Yesterday i released my edm track called "Higher baby" which is selected to join a music competition, but it's unfinished yet so i will work on it al little more.
    Any tip,...
  17. New Dubstep track called "Fire" featuring Holly Drummond

    Hi peepzzz,

    Just finished a dubstep track called "Fire" featuring Holly Drummond.
    Let me know what you think and i'll be willing to comment on your production as well.
  18. Demo of my upcoming track "Ocean breeze" F4F


    Found it hard to make music lately. My father died a couple of months ago and i felt drained of energy. Decided to do something else, make reggae, to open the mind a bit.
    I feel recharged and...
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    Tech house demo

    Hi peoplezzzz,

    I switched from fruity loops 12 to ableton live 9.5 and i do not regret it. It takes a little effort to get the max out of ableton but YouTube is a great help...
    I'm currently...
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    Chill EDM "beyond the galaxy"

    Hi EDM lovers,

    I'm busy with my new project called "beyond the galaxy". I intended to make a chillstep-track but it turned out to become a chill edm-track. It's kinda dreamy taking you onto a...
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