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  1. Transition from songwriting on guitar to songwriting on computer.

    Hello everyone. Ive been playing guitar for about 15 years now. I used to think writing songs was something you did on the guitar or on a piano. I believed you had to write a song and record it...
  2. Been working extremely hard and am looking for some feedback.

    So ive written and produced 60 songs in the last three months... granted, the sound is kind of lo fi.. but I practice daily and I learn so much from forums and people who love music.. so here is a...
  3. Looking for feedback on some acoustic guitar Flamenco-ish vibe.

    Hi I just recorded some acoustic guitar and a solo for the first time. And I wanted to get feedback, I am much more into the songwriting than the producing but I know a bit. Would be glad to know...
  4. Im very insecure about my mixing skills, I would really appreciate some feedback

    this track I made with one of lil peeps producers he gave me the beat because I am a songwriter and Im making a mix as a guide so then he can mix it himself and this is it I would love to know your...
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    Bishop Cool vs Bob Dylan

    so ive been writing songs for 15 years and I just started writing songs over beats and before I did not control what I wrote about and nowadays I can choose the title before making the song... this...
  6. Hi everyone. I am a home studio producer and just wanted to run some things by you

    So Ive had experience making music but never producing. This last year I decided to use Garageband which is the program included in the Mac computers. And I kind of started messing with mixing there....
  7. Ive never shared my lyrics I am insecure, but here goes nothing:

    Hi. So I was able to get some beats from my favorite producer and I made a track it hasnt been mixed yet but here are the lyrics:

    Black Magic
    If you’re done with memake it quicklyTell me,...
  8. So I got an opportunity to work with a big producer because of something I wrote.

    I wrote this song and now I'm working with one of Lil Peeps producers. I just wanted your opinion, I am sometimes crippled by self doubt. Thanks a lot I appreciate it.

    No Sin by Yu$atiKo | Yu$ati...
  9. So I got this huge opportunity to work for free with one of Lil Peeps producers

    Not sure if you are familiar with the Goth Angel Sinner EP anyway I am a classic rock fan first of all but lately I switched to making things with beats and This producer sent me free beats because...
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    I think those are good. Honestly. Editing is...

    I think those are good. Honestly. Editing is always interesting because sometimes you find different ideas that lead to more and more ideas but I like the idea for sure.
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    thank you.

    thank you.
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    Music Maker.

    Music Maker.
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    Flow one thousand percent.

    Flow one thousand percent.
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    Honestly I just use earphones is this not cool?

    Honestly I just use earphones is this not cool?
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