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  1. i subbed back bro, and heard your tune !! good...

    i subbed back bro, and heard your tune !! good stuff
  2. New Free OldSchool HipHop Beat (Nas x Phonte x 9th Wonder Type)

    Comment 4 comment or follow 4 follow on my YouTube. Promise. Check me out, I am a potential producer, and I am looking for artists from around the...
  3. Rahaf Guitera - Kafa (Akhi Soufyan 2018 Dance 2018 Remix)
    comment4comment on my soundcloud. peace !
  4. You must hear this! "My Baby" house banger!
    Happy new year everybody! Peace!
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    070Shake & Akhi Soufyan Remix!
    Comment 4 comment. Peace be with you all! Enjoy!
  6. Yung Paris - Back (Akhi Soufyan Dance Remix)

    C4C. Peace!
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    TIFLYAIKNOW New Relax Vibe Beat!

  8. You Should Hear This Boom Bap Beat!

    c4c on my soundcloud

    I think K dot or Mos Def would kill this beat!!!!
  9. Soul Trap Beat "No Reason" *BANGER

    Akhi Soufyan - No Reason / Story To Tell by Akhi Soufyan | Free Listening on SoundCloud
    C4C at Soundcloud. Peace.
  10. #songoftheyear Get Up dirty house song!!
  11. Akhi Soufyan - "Bam" new dirty dutch banger!

    It's going all the way up!
    The return of dirty dutch, house music.

    Comment 4 comment on sc. Peace.
  12. Hot Dirty House/Electronic Dance Track "Son Musa"! 2017 summer
    Comment4comment on my Soundcloud.
    I hope you enjoyed it.
  13. Trap Soul Beat "Akhi Soufyan - Love"

  14. Akhi Soufyan - Reggeaton Dancehall Beat! "Siempre" R4R

    Feedback. R4R.
    If you enjoy this song follow me on Soundcloud @akhisoufyan
  15. producer from the Netherlands 'Akhi Soufyan' - Don't We

    Free download @ soundcloud.
    F4F, S4S.

    Akhi Soufyan. Alya Beats.
  16. Spiritual Connectedness (Free Beat Download)

    producer: akhi soufyan
    Alya beats
  17. Akhi Soufyan - This Feeling (Free Instrumental)

    R4R. Produced by Akhi Soufyan
    Alya Beats.
    Follow us for more.
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    New Hip-Hop Bass Banger!

    Peace and blessings from the Netherlands.
    Comment 4 comment, leave your song below:
  19. Pieces To My Heart (Hip-Hop 2016 Banger!) Instrumental Beat

    Comment4comment, drop your link.

  20. Slum Village type hip-hop soul beat

    If you leave a comment on my soundcloud page, I will give you a comment back so please...
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