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Thread: We created FREE wood percussion samples for you - un

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    We created FREE wood percussion samples for you - un

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    Hey Guys,
    It's been a while since we posted here.
    So besides the new tracks we have lined up we want to give back to the community and made a small sample pack called "Wooden Percussion" to download for free. No need to like anything (though a like or follow would be much appreciated) or any of that bullcrap.

    you can get it on our website here:
    un - Wooden Percussion


    "un.studios - Wooden Percussion" is a meticulously recorded and processed sample pack. It contains 44 royalty free wood inspired percussion samples. Ideal for music producers and sound designers.

    They are great to layer on top of your drums to give them a more organic touch.

    We plan on making more sample packs for free so stay tuned and we keep you posted

    best regards,
    the guys from un,
    Clemens & Simon
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