Hello all:
So I know there are a lot of artists who canít afford a studio but want really good sound, so I created VanillaAUDIO to help people who want their music to sound good. I can tune and fix audio or mix your vocals and/or tracks so it is higher quality and professional sounding. I know studioís can be expensive, so I will charge you very little to mix and enhance your music. All I need is a MP3 or WAV file, and Iíll send you a sample of the enhanced audio. If you like it, Iíll send you the full version upon payment. I can even edit the tags for you if you do not know how.

I donít only do music, but I will tune up and enhance any audio. I can make YouTube rips sound more CD Quality, or if you record audio on your phone, I can enhance it for you to sound louder and clearer.

If you are interested, check out www.vanilla-audio.com and send me a track!

NOTE: The original audio has to at least sound decent before it can be enhanced. I can't remove problems in the original audio such as clipping, popping, completely removing background noise, and others as such.