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Thread: Turntables Through Computer

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    Turntables Through Computer

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    I have always had my turntables running through my computer then to the receiver, which has allowed me to record my scratching. I recently changed out my pc and I have now noticed that when I mix the computer is lagging and the sound comes out of the speakers a hair slower than my mixer, making it difficult to match beats. I have searched this issue online and read about making soundcard adjustments but noone tells you how to do this. Or is there another way?

    1200TT to mixer, rca cables to 3.5 plug into PC soundcard input. 3.5 plug out of PC sound card to stereo receiver.

    Hope this question makes sense.

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    Are you using an ASIO sound driver? If not, then I highly recommend it as it will usually help reduce sound lag and improve sound quality. If you are using one then try adjusting the Samplerate and Buffer Size. This can usually be done in what ever audio software you're using - such as a DAW's settings. Hope this helps!

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