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Thread: Tips on structure and arrangement

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    Tips on structure and arrangement

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    Any good tips out there for arranging and structuring your track. What works best for a 150 bpm trap beat. I find it hard to make it not sound repetitive (in part to the fact there is no vocals) or maybe thats just me listening to it too much!


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    Honestly, this is a good question and I feel as arrangement (along with mixing the sounds) is a BIG part in making the beat unique and different. But to answer you bro, I think that a good way to get a decent arrangement going is to establish an A side / B side to both your melodies and drum lines. This can be a start to making a loop a bit more unique. Usually I will start with playing all the sounds I want to play at the climax (like a hook or something building tension) and begin to subtract/alter sounds until I have something different enough to add progression but similar enough to flow with the original idea. Some things I do are add gross beat to something or pitch it or both. The idea is to just get creative and add little subtleties to the song. I even suggest switching out instruments or add layers with other plugins. I know that this post was lengthy and I apologize and I am in no way calling myself a pro but just want to try to pay forward the advice and tips I learned.

    Also almost anything can sound boring/annoying if you hear it enough (think of almost any popular song on radio stations, that song you loved but got overplayed, etc... lol) So if you begin to get frustrated with it just come back to it later after you took a break. Ear fatigue is definitely real and affects the best of us man. Just keep your head up and do something non-music related when this happens. I personally just play video games, watch movies, answer questions on forums or whatever I can do to keep busy for an hour and give my brain a break from music related shit. Trust me bro I know music is life but there needs to be a balance. Sometimes inspiration hits when you least expect it. I once got a beat idea while practicing getting my girl pregnant lol. Gotta get it how you get it.

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