Wondering what peoples thoughts were on paid co-production and the idea of using a ghost producer. Id love to work with anyone here to finish their productions or give them some extra help or motivation by working with them.

We're really looking to get connected with every community we can online and be a part of the great music production industry. We're big believers that music producers can make a living doing what they love and don't need to aspire to be performing on the Ultra main stage to be earning cash as a music producer. In our opinion there's a big different between music producers, performers and superstars. Now there's a lot of negativity surrounding ghost producers in EDM and ghost production in general but we really believe that the concept is a bit of a dated one. Writing credits or no writing credits so many of the biggest artists are working who other writers to create their tracks. Not everyone is looking at the fine print to see who's got what producer and to make sure who is or isn't using a ghost producer. They are simply a tool for artists at entertainers to use to create a quality product for their listeners and fans. Although at the moment we aren't looking for new producers, we wanted to spread the word about our business Producr which is a service for co production along with ghost production and writing music for ads, games, etc.

Something weve started doing to really help producers improve is provide them with the project files and a full list of VSTs used so that they can get in there and see what weve done on a core level and find some ways to improve their own production skills whilst having music to release so that they can grow a following online.

I appreciate your time reading this post and wishing all the best for all the producers on the forum.