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Thread: How did you come up with your Producer Name

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    Mine comes from me hosting Cypha rap battles in school, then by big bro said I was like the moon leading my peps to the light out of the darkness. Wu tang was big back then so I put it all together to form Cypha Da Moonchild.

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    This is literally how I did it lol
    I wanted something simple that originated from my name. I came up with No Jonre and it didn't stick. Around this time I worked at a place where I got the nickname J Heart so I kinda just lazily ran with that because EVERYONE started calling me that shit and I wanted to put some kinda effort into it lol so I added the .dot. in place of a regular dot (extra... I know)

    Jonathan Hart
    J. Hart

    Wish everything else in life was this easy lol

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    what i really do and think that we should keep it case of mine i dont have any producer name i am just using my real name.It is not written anywhere that you should have a producer name,just keep it real.

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