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Thread: Getting a better quality recording?

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    Getting a better quality recording?

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    Hello, I have a about a 130€ to spend on some new recording gear and I was wondering what would play a bigger role in getting a better quality recording: The pickups or the interface?

    My setup right now is:
    Jackson JS12 Dinky into a Yamaha AG06 mixer which is plugged into my Macbook running Logic Pro X. The music I play is inspired by bands like Capsize, Casey, Being as an Ocean, Worthwhile but now and then some metalcore as well. (see the song attached)

    I get my guitar tones from Amplitube 4 and the drums are made via MT Power Drum Kit. The drums sound ok in my opinon but what I want to do is get a clearer and more "alive" tone from the guitar so my idea is either get a new interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen 2) or get new pick-ups for the guitar (most likely EMG:s).

    Which would make the biggest difference sound wise?

    Kind Regards

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    The pickups. Or well, anything you do in Amplitube – even the slightest gain change (for example) will probably change the sound more than changing the converters (on this budget level, at least)...
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