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Thread: Can't Get Out Of Writer's Block

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    Can't Get Out Of Writer's Block

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    Hey everyone,
    so I really have been struggling with writer's block the past about 6 Months. I have tried taking a break but it still feels like I have to force ideas out of me where they used to just come to me with no problems. On top of that I seem overly critical and delete every idea because it is not good enough. I've had a couple of those phases, but usually broke through them in a matter of weeks. Anyone here who had a smilar struggle? I'd love to hear some tips and experiences with writer's block

    Thanks to everyone who decides to reply!

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    While I donīt really have much experience with the topic in regards to writing. I often find that when I want to do something but put too much pressure on myself it just hampers my ability to get it done. Then I start struggling and put even more pressure on myself, because I know I could do better. This leads to a neverending spiral which itīs hard to break out of.

    Things that help me in these situations is to take a step back. Be a little bit more relaxed, about what I am doing. Donīt try to force yourself or aim for a perfect result, right from the start. Just sit down, take a deep breath, relax and just do the thing you love to do. The less pressure you put on yourself, the easier it will get in regards to creative works.

    For me it does not matter if I am working on a new track, work on some 3D models, draw a picture or do anything else related to art. If I put too much pressure myself and want to force progress too much the end result will always suffer from it. But when I just sit down and slowly put everything together piece by piece and give myself the time I need to finish my project I usually end up with a result that makes me happy and usually people are very happy with the results too.

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    The best method for me personally, is to listen to tracks that inspire me and base my writing off of ideas from a certain track.
    Just listening to how others composed certain songs gives me ideas on where to start and where to take it from there.
    The same thing for making beats. I use a reference track when I get beat block.

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