In everything I study and learn I ask myself;

Does it make me stronger?
Does it make me smarter?
Does it make me nicer?

I used to make music under the influence of drugs, I had bad aggressive racist friends, I was always the Benjamin though. When I stopped using drugs making music was always an anti-climax, it was never going to be as euphoric as in those days. The drugs fueled my ability to concentrate for 24 hours on a single track. It was also a way to feel good about myself, half the job is feeling that your music is good and that you are a potential star. Drugs is a temporary kathalist for feeling this way.

But then the hammer falls, and you go down.

Nevertheless I stopped, it took me 7 years to get back into music when I stopped drugs. I started sports, study and hard work. I now read Oxford PhD level books, I have a wonderful career, people like me.

A summation of what I think lies at the core of being successful is being nice. Sure, you can get all your desires saturated if you have enough clout only the base desires, once saturated are useless if you donít have the soul to really feel and experience life with a healthy set of human emotions. Healthy human emotions is not an on/off switch with downers and uppers. It is a myriad of emotions guiding intuitions that are useful for navigating the thralls of life. Drugs disturbs the brainís faculties that deal with navigating the hurdles. Usually problems get blown away by the wind, with drugs they just linger on for so long and donít get solved.

You reap what you sew. For every person you look down on there is a person looking down on you. If you feed a beggar or give him shoes without making a show out of it, even if there is no direct reward life has a way of paying you back. If you want people to clap at your gig, clap at other peopleís gigs.

The nicer you think people are, the nicer you become. If you value each other person 1.01 times you value yourself it will reflect in you demeanor. Itís not about being positive of negative when you give or take remarks. If everything gets categorized under positive and negative you loose sight of detail and content that lies within communicating.

Some take instruction to be an attack on their intelligence or aptitude, and they would rather be the one doing the instructing. They loose sight of the ambivalence of interpreting how to get stuff done.