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Thread: Anyone Got !LLMIND BlapKit 5 on Deck?

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    Anyone Got !LLMIND BlapKit 5 on Deck?

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    They say this was the best of his beat packs. I bought 9&10 and was pretty disappointed.
    I use an MPC 1000 and although the sounds the right sample rate 16/44 some of the names are too long.
    I'm still renaming the 500+ sounds even though I hate 90% of the sounds on these 2 drum packs.
    If anyone has ILLMIND BLAPKIT 5 on deck I could borrow just to see how it sounds. I'll even trade 9 0r 10 for it.
    There's nothing technically wrong with that since we both paid and are just exchanging one product for another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Banger View Post
    I'm still renaming the 500+ sounds
    Use Bulk Rename Utility itll take you seconds....
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