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Thread: 6 steps to sell beats on Instagram easily

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    6 steps to sell beats on Instagram easily

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    Producers, do you use social media to promote & sell your beats ?

    In my point of views Instagram is the best for that, but you can easily lost your time of this platform if you're not focused (Hello Jen Selter lol)

    Market yourself as a producer is like market a compagny, you had to have a solid strategy and just not post some beats and say "hey come buy my beats it's fire"

    If it was easy like that, all of us will be billionaire right now, and that's not the case yet

    To promote your beats on Instagram and them sold or lease it's simple.

    1) Set up your account effectively

    Put your website link in your bio, or your newest beat download/purchase link. I know it's obvious but I still saw producers who use this ONLY Instagram link to post their YouTube or Soundcloud link.

    If you have achievement (credit, a cool amount of views, beats download or whatever that bring social proof) put it in your bio. You'll looking more pro than other producers, and because you got your own achieve you'll look different. And different is something really important when you wanna sell things.

    2) Released beats often and do it right

    I mean, release your beats each time on the same day of the week. If you drop 3 beats a week chose 3 different days to post them.

    3) Make proper video and be sure it's optimized for the Instagram format

    Instagram is the best way to only show preview of your beats and give a reason to artists to click on your link. If you're preview his hot, they wanna heard the complete version of the beat and may be lease or purchase it.

    What I do. I make a music visualizer with After Effect to catch artists attention on Instagram. I know it's bad but if your video look cool & pro, artists will trust you and get more chance to spend money on your beats

    4) Use at least 20 hashtag

    Evertime you post a new beat, put at least 20 hashtag that rappers are looking for like : #trapbeats #theweekndtypebeat #rapbeats #beatsforsale or even #datpiff etc

    Use hashtag artists are using and looking for to get your Instagram post in front of them

    5) Use the description effectively

    The description, it's here where you can get artists act. You can ask them to tell what they think about your beats. It will give you exposure on the social media but no sales...

    The best things is to give them a reason to click the link in your bio. Something like "If you love the preview, you'll be crazy with the complete version. Link in bio (and then add your @. It's easier to get people hit the link in your bio).

    6) Grow your Instagram account.

    If you ever searched how to get lot of followers on Instagram I bet you know this trick.

    The thing to do, is to interact with other Instagram users. Here, you will interact with recording artists. For that, find what account are follow the most by people you wanna interact, and start interact with those followers.

    I suggest you to like 3 to 5 post of each people and leave 1 or 2 cool comment. Don't follow to much people if you wanna stay credible.

    If you do that everyday, I swear your account will grow quickly. It's take time but it will bring you sale.

    Hope that will help your grind on Instagram, and if you got more tips about how to sell beats on Instagram, share your discovery.

    Much Love,
    Starseed Beats
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    helpful tips !
    thanks for sharing

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    thanks for the tips man.. will try them out

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    Super helpful, thank you so much for this! I'll search on how to create a music visualized in After Effects, nice idea, cause I was searching a few weeks ago for specific software for music visualizer and just didn't cross my mind that I can use After Effects. I'll download the trial version after I find what I need.

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    Thank you for these tips man
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