I need a someone to me help make a Zaytoven style beat. Zaytoven is a Dirty South producer with crazy swag,
If you dont know who Zaytoven is, Well he produced beats for Gucci Mane when Gucci was on the come up a while ago. Basically Zaytoven helped Gucci Mane get famous in a way. This was all way before Gucci Mane went mainstream media. Zaytoven still makes crazy beats for Gucci Mane (Once in a Blue Moon). Zaytoven still produces for some of the top artist like Yo Gotti , OJ Da Juice Man and many more rappers.

so I want someone to help me set up my bass lines, melody and tempo like his (I'm Using Fl Studio and a Keyboard, Just so you know). Hopefully some one can help me. His trap sounds and Bass Swagg is vital to my success.

I also found a zaytoven sound kit producertoolz.com producertoolz.com/5-best-free-drum-kits-for-fl-studio/

Here is Zaytoven Making a Beat (Video Link Below)
Zaytoven is the guy on the Piano with Braids:

(Youtube Video Url (Link) Below in Red. Just Paste the Url in Your Browser.
Because i cant post links yet till i have 20 post on this forum lol.
(Youtube Video URL) * youtube.com/watch?v=VPWdWkubgTY *

Even if you dont explain everything, I am Grateful with some Helpful Tips, Thanks.