Have you ever produced a song on an a keyboard and then later wanted to transfer that data into a midi editor to enhance the production? I have made hundreds of songs with my Roland Fantom X6 keyboard. Todays lesson will show you how I take midi from my Roland fantom x6 keyboard and spice up the song using the Maschine Software. This tutorial will be long because i really wanted take my time and show the process that i used to create music using midi. Midi is a powerful tool and it is used more often than you might think. Some producers work with audio, some producer work with midi and some work with both audio and midi. Either way Maschine makes it easy to work with midi when you open up the application in standalone. I will also teach you some work arounds. As usual if you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below. For more great content please click the like button and subscribe.