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This is the third video from our tutorial series #TutorialTuesday, out every week.
This episode wants to make sure that you do your Volume Automations in the proper Way!

Description from the video:

Volume Automation is crucial to a Dynamic and Vivid Arrangement. That's why doing it in the right way is important.

Utility is a POWERFUL TOOL, it can
1 Ease Volume Automation process
2 Change Stereo behaviour
3 Give you extra Control on Sidechain Duty

(1) is something beginners may be missing and will be highly beneficial on their workflows. On the other hand (3) can be useful also to the more experienced producer which will try out different set ups and do experiments on it.
We would like to add something we have seen on Audiotent, we don't really use this in our workflow but it is worth a try sometimes. SideChain on Chords — (image hosted by imgBB)

Share your opinion on this subject, tell us about different plugins and methods you use.
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