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Thread: Online Music Promotion Article

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    Online Music Promotion Tips

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    I posted a new article on my website about online music promotion. The article mentions the best, safest, and most credible ways to promote your music online and grow a fanbase. The article also mentions some areas to be careful with and watch over for credibility.

    You can read it here: Online Music Promotion Tips |
    If you're interested in more of my articles, you can peep those here: Epsilon-144 | Articles

    Feel free to discuss and share any ideas.

    Thanks, and peace.
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    Good read. Staying genre-specific is a big difference maker, it's so easy to get lost with all the content out there. We're actually starting up a website, to try and create a genre-specific community for hip-hop producers, hoping to make self-promoting easier (and sharing tracks in general).

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