Welcome back to another Maschine video. Getting started with Maschine can be a challenge, especially when it comes to routing sounds in Maschine. Like many of us, we get a new product and we have no idea how to get the sound working or have no understanding how signal flows throughout the software. This is an important lesson to be learned as it will speed up your workflow. Maschine Routing can be simple or it can get complex depending on how you look at it. For Example, in Maschine, you have sounds, that are routed to the group, from the group, it is routed to the master output. Once you grasp the concept of routing in Maschine you will discover some of the hidden tricks inside the software. Like the one listed below. I hope you guys are taking away something from the video each and every time i post. Watch this video until you become familiar with the routing in the software. This video does not include getting sound in the Maschine using a microphone. Please subscribe and as always,