The Magic of the CMI (Fairlight)

A slightly different approach toArturia´s “CMI V” software version of the legendary FairlightCMI (Computer Music Instrument). There´s probably going to be moreof this in the future.
Please see the timeline/content fordetails.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:14 The 3 Different Sources ofSound
0:05:35 The Sampler
0:07:15 Converting Samples intoAdditive Data Part 1
0:09:34 Converting Additive Datainto WAV Files
0:11:20 Is There Anything LikeDigital Warmth?
0:13:32 Some Basics about AdditiveSynthesis
0:16:10 Fast Fourier Transform Part1 (… and some limitations of the CMI)
0:17:34 The Joy and Pain of ClassicAdditive Synthesis from Scratch
0:27:05 Different Wave Shapes asBasic Units in Additive Synthesis
0:37:20 Important Terms and a Bitof a Mess
0:42:34 The Spectral Synth and theWorkflow of Designing Sounds
0:47:37 Converting Samples intoAdditive Data Part 2 (Choosing BitDepth, Sampling Rate and
0:59:59 Some Words about FourierTransformations (nearly no mathematics)
1:07:00 Musical Inaccuracy
1:09:31 Discovering the MusicalCharacter of a Sampled Sound
1:13:57 Grocer´s Delight
1:14:31 The End

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