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Thread: Altiverb 7 - the best reverb ever?

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    Just got it some days ago (Altiverb 7), and I confirm: the best reverb ever.

    I had to go buy the iLok in order to make it run, I did that yesterday. However I didn't come back home until late at night, and I was quite drunk actually haha. So at like 4 in the morning, drunk, I inserted the iLok and installed Altiverb. And I also installed a bunch of other apps which iLok requires you to install… it was damn complicated to be honest, compared to let's say the eLicenser where you just plug the USB in and that's pretty much it.

    So I finally made it run after a while, and tested it on a synth. And I was just F*CK! THIS IS GOOD! It's just the most beautiful reverb ever, it made my synth sound so nice (I mean it's already a pretty damn awesome synth to start with).

    So today I tested it again and started messing with it (sober this time) and I can confirm it still sounds as good as last night. I love all the presets you have, they're just crazy. Like it goes from the Sydney Opera House to the back of a Renault Box van or a Boeing 757 cabin haha.

    So it's really natural but it totally has this in-your-face sound And the WOW-effect of course... Very satisfied...
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