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Thread: Would you rather use samples for sound design or compose your own?

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    Would you rather use samples for sound design or compose your own from scratch?

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    I'm curious how some non musicians are doing it for video games and film music. I guess sample programs would be the likely tool. It would be fast and efficient but I'm curious if the likelihood of sounding like everything else isn't any more obvious than of those playing "real instruments"? Even people that play real instruments end up sounding like everyone else.

    I'm new to wanting to get into sound design without having to start from scratch as I already do have a complete recording studio with real physical instruments, but I never got into sound designing using samples, sound libraries, loops, etc. and it would seem like a more efficient approach for film/TV music and video game music instead of taking the "composer" approach that would seem inefficient for the purpose. I get it that most musicians prefer to have their "soul" poured into the music but that's a different situation. Any suggestions as to what sample programs are most versatile? I came across the EastWest Ghostwriter | Guitar Center
    EastWest Ghostwriter | Guitar Center

    I can't find any reviews of it maybe because no one bought it. Who knows?

    It does state "so while Ghostwriter won't write the music for you, it has been designed to be a "ghost" collaborator in the compositional process, an invaluable and inspirational tool for creating your music."

    Isn't this simply what a VST does? I'm trying to figure out how the Ghostwriter program would make sound design more efficient than what other VSTs and plugins already allows one to do.
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    Sound Design and composing are two separate things

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