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Thread: What scale is this composed in? please read

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    What scale is this composed in? please read

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    hello forum i'm a producer of 10+ years and work with some very profound artists.

    although, i am self taught completely and have little to no understanding of composure theory or scales and im working hard to understand those things and im learning how to read music and tabs.. sad right, but as an engineer and producer i've had no true neccessity to learn as long as i understood placement (comp) enough for vocalists tracks to build and drop right.
    but i think it would benefit me to learn those things and to stop rambling here's my actual question..

    What scale are these and what is the root note?

    What scale(s) are these composed in? these scales are pretty specific and standard in the genre i produce

    on this first one f# is the root note i think

    I don't know the root note for this one but i will attach a sound file if the site will let me of my 808 which im pretty sure is the same as the root note of this track..



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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Firstly, you don't always compose in a scale, you almost always compose in a key but sticking 100% to one scale doesn't happen at all in lots of styles of music.

    First one is probably key of F# minor, if I had to say 1 scale to use I would say harmonic or melodic minor but there are plenty of other options!

    Second one is probably key of A minor, scale wise probably also A natural minor (also called A aeolian)

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