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Thread: WHAT kind of strings are these specifically? (two examples)

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    WHAT kind of strings are these specifically? (two examples)

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    What kind of strings are these and how/where can i get them?

    Example 1: YouTube
    - The entire string part in the beginning minus the longer sustained strings beneath it, they sound almost amplified or ran through a cab or something??

    Example 2: YouTube
    - Specifically the lower double plucky sounding string notes at the very beginning
    - Is it just like an amplified electric cello or a certain articulation??

    Looking at the production notes for skillet - comatose, it appears there were no live strings used in that song (the strings were likely played using a keyboard I think)

    Also, anyone know what the low stabby brass parts that play underneath the strings at the beginning on this song are specifically?: YouTube

    Any/all help appreciated. Thanks.
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    1-- Mimicking a string quartet. Violins/viola with bass or cello; short bowed attack.

    2-- String sound; lower end (except for the higher end sounds!), longer bow action/sustain, brighter sound, reverb.

    3-- The very first sound is a manipulated vocal sample, or something synthesized that imitates a voice (with some kind of formant control), maybe a vocoder, with a gate applied to get the "choppy" rhythmic sound. The bass part sounds like a low end "orchestral hit" sample, so something along the lines of stand-up bass, low strings, and tuba or baritone (maybe even oboe). Some might have a slight timpani hit mixed in. If it's not the former or latter sounds, I'm not sure what you're looking for...

    These can be found on many keyboards and in lots of sample packs. Learn the individual instruments of the orchestra and their sounds; it will make your job of dissecting these things a lot easier.

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