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Thread: Is this strings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhythmgj View Post
    I would start with a "plucky" (single, not ensemble) string sound (since that is what you are hearing), and then start to play with ADSR parameters. You could also try a relatively clean, picked electric guitar sound. Also find the register it sounds best in for this application; some sounds will sound radically different in different octave ranges. It's very percussive, so once you trim it down with your ADSR edits, you could try applying varying types and amounts of reverb and see where you are. If it's pretty close, try layering your metal sounds (I have suggested trying vibes, glockenspiel, and/or kalimba, but try different things to see what you think is best). You could even try something "woody," like a marimba or xylophone. Mix to taste, add/subtract reverb, lather, rinse, repeat. Make sure that you have the sound you are attempting to emulate cued-up so that you can "A-B" (go back and forth between the original and your attempt) to stay on course.

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    Wow! Okay okay.. so do i need kontakt for this? As well.. The plucky sound gets higher after the first intro part, and has another sound with it, is that part of the sound or they two different sounds?

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    I believe you are dealing with a multi-layered sound. But now it's time for you to get to work!

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