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Thread: Roland FA-06 sound design and usage

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    Roland FA-06 sound design and usage

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    Good morning Future producers!!

    my setup in my home studio is a record player, mpc5000, and a roland fa-06 board. I just got the board and it has the ability to create custom sounds. However I am using the MPC as the sequencer and when I try and use the custom sound in a track I find that the stacked custom sound I just made is not playing only the first instrument located on track one is playing. how can I use the sound where it will play doing the sequence?

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    How did you connect your setup and do you have an interface and monitors?
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    It seems like a MIDI/triggering issue to me. The sequencer is likely attempting to use the default MIDI channel (let's say MIDI channel 1) and so it is playing the patch that is on track one (which MIDI channel 1 was assigned to). You will need to tell the MPC that you wish it to now control another MIDI channel (let's say MIDI channel 2) for your new instrument on track 2, which will now be assigned to sequence that next track--that will have a different MIDI channel (MIDI channel 2).

    I am not intimately familiar with the MPC5000, but am familiar with earlier models and you should be able to fix this very simply switching the MIDI channel.

    MIDI Tutorial: Understanding MIDI on the Akai MPC

    Hope this helps

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