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Thread: My sub usually hits around 60-120 hz, should I add another layer for lower freqs?

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    My sub usually hits around 60-120 hz, should I add another layer for lower freqs?

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    My sub usually never hits below 50, am I messing up on my low end?

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    It depends on how the overall low-end sounds. If it's weak, maybe use more layers or other smart things to increase the power of the bass sounds. You need to remember that kick drums also have those sub to bass frequencies.

    You should have something in the 30-40 Hz area.
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    Depends entirely on the genre.. anything below 50hz is really damn low so for a lot of music it's not needed.
    Even for a lot of bass-heavy genres it's more about creating the perception of a lot of bass, which is different from just having a lot of volume at the lowest frequencies.
    It's more about dynamics, a constant stream of 50hz frequencies is just gonna pummel your audience into fatigue, but having it there at the right moments can add a lot of impact.

    Below 50hz is also where most monitors just give up. And where a lot of frequencies just create a muddied sound, which is gonna be hard to address in a home studio.
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