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Thread: Music maker feeling very frustrated and wanting advice.

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    Yes but nobody talk about remake music. This is a really good way to learn. You choose to take a music you love and remake it. But each time you see something you love try to really learn it. You like the melody so go and see what is the key, the arrangement, the chord... You like a sound, search for tutorial on you tube...I do that when i have no inspiration, it give you tools that are really great, it train your ear, and it make you progress in a lot of way.

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    This might actually be a good sign. It means you are becoming trained in figuring out what's wrong with what you are creating. You're starting to hear behind the curtain.

    I think there are a few different forces at play. One is that most of the skills relevant to music creation have to be trained, not learnt. I think this is easy to miss in today's social media culture. Training is based on repetition and is a function of time. Learning is based on becoming aware of something and can be a discrete event. I remember learning what a compressor does, but it took a long time to train my ears to comprehend what compressors actually do.

    This is why, if you look at the greats, they are obsessed with the process... not the outcome. Fixation on outcome is not a particularly effective strategy to making music, despite what music lifestyle youtube gurus might tell us.

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    Great advice here! I just have to add one thing: get familiar with the feeling of frustration. This sounds weird, but most artists are never totally satisfied with their piece. You can spend a lifetime on one project. Even leonardo da vinci said "art is never finished only abandoned". Don't let yourself get fooled by the thousands of tutorials, trying to tell you that creating music is easy and you always come up with some heat.

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