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Thread: Mitis Synth/Super Saw Explained!!!

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    Smile Mitis Synth/Super Saw Explained!!!

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    Ok, I will explain in exact detail on how I made my bass patch, so bare with me. I am using Reason, but I will explain it so you can hopefully convert it into any other DAW or Synth.

    Before I start I want to thank everyone for posting, helping, and inputting their ideas!

    Lets Begin:

    First make a combinator:

    Then make a Line Mixer 6:2.

    Make 2 thors or two synths or one synth(if your have a synth with 4 octaves). Make the synth polyphonic, then make the polyphony 1 and the realse polyphony 4.

    I made a 4 Octave spread by using 2 Thors, (I played my synth in Octave 3). I used 4 analog oscillator, all saw tooth waves.

    Make the octave of the first saw tooth oscillator, 5, and detune it by 11.
    Make the octave of the second saw tooth oscillator, 4, and detune it by 11.
    Make the octave of the third saw tooth oscillator, 3, and detune it by 11.
    Make the octave of the fourth saw tooth oscillator, 2, and detune it by 11.

    Filters, Shapers, and Amp Envelope settings inside the Synth:

    On both thors/synth(s) take off the filter(s).

    I used the shaper inside of both Thors, it might be called distortion in other synths, and change the mode of the shaper/distortion to Saturation and turned the amount up to 37 or about a little over 2/8ths of the way around.

    On the Amp Envelope for both thors or synth(s), make the attack around 1.69 seconds, the decay around 4.35 seconds, the sustain around -21.8 db, and the release around 13.9 ms.

    Next duplicate both Thors or Synth(s) of choice and pan one all the way to the left and one all the way to the right. This give the thickness to the sound.

    FXs, EQing and Compression:

    *For Reason users hold shift when creating the first FX and then route the mixers output into the fxs input and the fxs output into the cominator input

    For the first FX of many, I put on a Unison unit. I put the voice count to 16, I turned the detune amount to 50 or 4/9ths of the way around. Then I put the Dry/Wet amount to 63 or half way around.

    Next I added Chorus/Flanger. I put the Delay to 40 or 3/9ths of the way around. The feedback to 26 or 7/9ths of the way around. I sync'd the rate and put it to 2/4 or right in the middle. Then the mod amount to 37 or 3/9ths of the way around.

    Next I added a RV-7000 advanced Reverb, in your other DAW of choice you will need a pretty Hi-tech reverb a basic one will not due.

    On the front of the RV-7000 put the decay amount to the 32 or little over 2/7ths of the way around. Next High Frequncey (HF) Damp to 28 or 2/7ths of the way around. The HI EQ at 0, and the Dry/Wet at 24 or 2/7ths of the way around.
    Next open up the RV-7000 and lets dig into greater details:
    Algrithom: Hall
    Size: 26.5m
    Diffusion: 127
    Room Shape: One
    Early Reflection(ER) -> Late: 76%
    Early Reflection: 2.5db
    Predelay: 20 ms
    Mod amount: 16%

    Next we add compression to help everything stay consistant and not to out of control. Leave the input gain at 0db. Threshold -24.1 db, Ratio 9:59:1. Attack 4 ms, Release 2.14 ms, and then leave the Output Gain at 0 db.

    Finally make an EQ and cut out the bottom frequnceys (around 80 Hz and down) so it will make room for your sub bass.

    *When making your sub bass use the same settings as your AMP Envelope that you used in your synth

    Please let me know how I did on explaining everything, feel free to ask any questions, if you want me to upload a combinator patch for download let me know, and once again thank you everyone for all your help and thanks for reading and checking out my tutorial!!!

    P.S. The song in my signature is the synth you will produce if you follow the settings. Thanks Again!
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