Hello guys..
First off I wanted to thank the guys that P.Med me with a question I had before.
So I'm new to music and I know how I learn is alittle unorthodox I see music in shapes and I'm in need of structure of my tracks.
Usually I'll have the usual kick, bass ,hihat ,open hat percussion etc. Lined down on my tracks in Fl studio I create my melody usually 4-8 bars sometimes a counter melody sometimes I'll just layer the melody with another synth or instrument so I have something that adds to my chorus I know it's usually 4 bar intro, 12-16 bar verse 8 bar hook back into the verse 12-16 then another hook then I get kinda lost I finished my last song which 90% of the time it is double time 125-160 bpm and to keep it around the 3:20 range. So I have a few questions
1. What is a pre chorus? How can I use it in my hiphop and trap production?
2. What are some other arrangements that are normal. You can list them out like 12 bar verse - 4 bar bridge and so on I'll write them all down and try them out.
3. If you have something really repetitive how can you keep the energy and people interested?

Thank you guys for all your help.!!