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Thread: Kaytranada - 10% (Sound Design)

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    Kaytranada - 10% (Sound Design)

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    Hi guys, new here.

    I have some question listening to the song 10% of the producer kaytranada have some lots of cool 90s early 00s layers and vibe.

    Here is the song.


    My question is that little kind of sound that appears in the song (atacched bellow) how is the name of this sound and how to make it.

    I`ve seen this kind of sound in many sade recordings and dont`t find anything on the web on how to achieve, if someone know how to do it.

    I apreciate.


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    at which part of the song bro?

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    Ok, first of all, what a track man, Kaytranda and Kali are both awesome artists

    I'm unsure of what you're talking about specifically, because of the mp3 being kind of short and the description vague, which is fair enough, but my guess is it's that little squeek thing at the start of the chorus that plays underneath the electric piano every two bars because that's what stands out. My guess is it's just a string sample/recording that's highpassed, you hear it without the processing at roughly 1:38 (i've timestamped below). if you dont have a violinist at hand I suggest just making a chord and using whatever violin vst you have and just automating the volume, or its decay (whichever is gonna be easiest) and adding a high-pass. If it's not that, the chords are probably just a stack of an electric piano, kind of like a wurlitzer maybe? and a mellotron, though more likely an emulator, since there aren't a lot of mellotrons round today. a patch on a synth that tries to emulate it is pretty much just adding a lfo to pitch, some near inaudible randomness to cut-off, and then some noise to a couple triangles ought to do it, oh, also plate reverb will be a must if you want it to have some space, because plates are lush af, but of course, go with whatever sound you prefer, and then try processing these two together. I've made similar instrumentals in the past, but it's not something i particularly excel at, but anyway, I hope this helps! and if i've missed the part you're talking about, just lemme know!

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