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Thread: Interested in recreating this style of synth but having some trouble!

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    Interested in recreating this style of synth but having some trouble!

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    Hi, I'd like to recreate the synth in this track linked below. Well, I'd like to get a similar sort of tone to it at least and then add my own spin on it from there. however I'm struggling to get there, would any pro sound designers be able to give me some pointers on tips on how to recreate this sort of sound? It's the high pitched main lead synth.

    I'm using NI Massive.

    I can't post links yet but the song on youtube is called
    Shy FX - Chocolate (Audio) ft. Breakage, Roses Gabor, Ghetts


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    Hey Buddy, Cool track.

    I had a quick crack at it and got pretty close on Serum. Then i saw you're using massive so i gave it a crack on massive too
    Do the following:
    First have midi loop playing the notes in the track because the pitch at which you play the notes can greatly affect the sound. Ideally have the loop playing and listen to the song every once in a while as you're working on the sound

    the low pass filter is closed more on the first note so that will need to be automated

    oscillator 1, saw wave or half way between saw and square...
    pull it all the way up to filter 1
    filter 1 - lowpass 4
    filter all the way closed
    envelope 1 to open filter 1 to about 1 or 2 o'clock
    attack on envelope 1 at about 10 o'clock (tweak this to make it sound as close as possible)
    decay on envelope one between 11 and 12 o'clock. closer to 11
    sustain (level knob on the right of the decay knob) all the way down
    in the voicing section, change unisono to 5 or 6
    turn pitch cutoff on in the voicing section, and drag the slider just a TINY bit to the right, maybe 1-3 lines
    in the modulation section turn on Phase and turn it to about 9-10 o clock

    I was able to get closer using serum, by using around 7 voices on a saw wave, detuning them, and using frequency modulation (FM warp mode) from oscillator b, with oscillator b being a saw wave one octave up.
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