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Thread: how to play piano chords advanced

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    how to play piano chords advanced

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    lately i've found myself doing "block" chords which sound terrible... so i looked on youtube to find out how to play some advanced piano stuff, i came across a few youtube videos where they play chords... but they keep playing notes within the chords so that it doesn't sound like a block chord.... now i know its not arpeggios or the 1-5 run, what exactly are they doing and how can i do it?.... here's an example of what i mean

    please be detailed as i want to be able to do this in my playing
    :note: i'm not an actual pianist, i use DAW's piano rolls lol

    thanks in advanced
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    This isn't really an "advanced technique" it is when music just becomes music. Well composed and well performed. There is no rule it is just creativity, you can play whichever notes you like, move into 7th chords switch to suspended, play in and around all the notes, play notes in the scale that aren't a part of the chord. Jimi Hendrix was so famous because of his ability to play melody and harmony so well together. All I can say is practice, and a keyboard performance, even if a midi controller will take you much further, and give you a far more natural sound that clicking in piano roll.

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    so in his intro section (first 92 seconds) we hear
    - crush chords (fast arpeggios of the chord taking no more than a 16th to play) and
    - melodic embellishment of chords (playing consonant and dissonant tones against the chord at the top of the chord)
    -- this could also be done in any position with in a chord, except, perhaps, as bass movement
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    The biggest thing he is doing with chords themselves is playing added tone chords (e.g. Db major with added 6- Db6) with slightly unusual voicings.

    When you play any chord containing a Db, you have multiple Dbs on your keyboard at different octaves and you can choose any one of them to play. Same applies to F, Ab, Bb or any other note in any other chord.

    Broken chords is another good basic technique to learn to make your chords more interesting.

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