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Thread: How make my track sound like a pro??? I've been making shit for a year!!! ToT

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    Unhappy How make my track sound like a pro??? I've been making shit for a year!!! ToT

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    [Sorry that I'm bad at english]

    I've been making music for a year, and i think my tracks sound shits. I can't find a way to make my tracks sound like a pro. I'm still stucking around this prom and I want to move forward to satisfy me...
    These are the questions that I want some answers:

    • Is there any plugin that i should use to make the tracks better?
    • Most of the sounds are made by myself, I just learn the basic of creating sound. Is it better to use the preset and buy more preset? (I use sylenth and sytrus to make sound and some turn the presets)
    • Or, is it the sounds make the tracks became garbage?

    I hope you understand what I mean and please tell me the ways of making my tracks better that sound like a pro.

    I love music so much. It would be great if you(pros) can give me some suggestions and answers!!! Thanks!!!

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    In my opinion, as you make music for a year, it's not a long time. Do not worry!

    For beginning I hightly recommand to use the presets, become familiar with making some melodies and tracks developement.

    Don't hesitate trying to create your sound sometimes if you really want, but it cound take too long time for the debut. This is more than a next step I think.

    And keep fun!

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    Could you elaborate what exactly you mean with the track sounding shit? Is is the melodies and theory, or the quality of the mix.
    After 1 year you're still in the experimental fase. I've been producing music for 8 years. For the first two years or so I was just playing around and learning my DAW. After that I found out that I needed music theory to make melodies and chord progressions. So I started looking into it, and got a pretty quick hold of it.
    I knew basic mixing (Equalization, compression, etc..) But I didn't think it had the impact on the track that it does. So the last three years I've been reading books, applying new techniques to my tracks, and teaching my ears to know what to listen for.

    Mixing can make or break a track. If you feel that sounds are clashing together, or the whole track seems dull, then it's a mixing problem, and you should start looking into that.

    Using presets is fine man, but learning basic sound design is also crucial.

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