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Thread: How to make this bass?

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    How to make this bass?

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    Many types of bass-sounds have names, does this type have a specific name to it?

    If not, how do I build the same bass ish?

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    It is a somewhat standard 80’s analog bass sound, that was supposed to emulate an electric bass or fretless, but became very popular in pop, dance, and house music. Think Thompson Twins. It is available as a preset on a variety of analog and digital instruments, and I’m sure on a number of soft-synths and sound/sample packs.

    One of my keyboards called it “Rubber Bass.” But that’s just a proprietary file/sample name.

    If you’re going to try and make it, use a simple bass sound, something that is, or can be played stacatto, and try and play with various envelopes and apply the sound in your arrangement in a little higher register (not too “down in the basement,” as it were).

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    cool bass sound

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