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Thread: how to create a trance pluck

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    Lightbulb how to create a trance pluck

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    Hello guys
    i was wondering how to create this specific trance pluck synth ( in the attachements)
    I know that a typical house or trance pluck basically consists of a filtered saw wave, but i can`t manage to create a synth that is sounding as good as this does.

    the attachements are from :
    in your wake - illenium x said the sky
    secoya - run (illenium x said the sky remix)

    Thank you for your tips
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    You could bug the producer for the preset, or rip the pluck from the track with loads of effects.

    If I was to mimic that I'd put a very short decay on a sinewave, add a filter, automate/macro those and put some reverb and delay on it. I have a NI Massive patch (from a preset pack I can't remember) called ARP_Like_Avicii or something like that which sounds pretty much the same.

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