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Thread: Do I NEED middleware as a beginner sound designer?

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    Do I NEED middleware as a beginner sound designer?

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    The vibe I'm getting from middleware is that it is more commonly used in games with dynamic and vast setting and perspective changes to help immerse users in their environment without building the sounds individually (having a cave reverb preset that gets plugged into any sounds happening in the cave rather than making cave versions of all those sounds). I feel like that kind of heavyweight software would be used mostly for big productions. Is that largely true or are most indie games also using middleware to assist sound design?

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    i have no idea what middleware is. but as a guy who loves manipulating sound ive learned you can make fucking anything with a synth and some effects. so you are trying to do some sound design for a video game? you could probably get away with learning a free synth, getting some samples to play with, and some sort of effects processor for Reverb, Delay, Chorus etc...

    if you dont want to learn sound design with a synth you could get away with layering samples of sounds.
    did this help?

    Love - Calectic

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