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Thread: Different types of synthesis

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    Different types of synthesis

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum so i don't know if there's already a thread for this but i would like to ask if someone could possibly explain to me the different types of synthesis.

    I just know a bit of additive and subtractive, so, if someone's willing to help me it would be really appriciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Subtractive synthesis: You take your signal sourse and then you use a filter to kind of sculpt your sound
    Additive synthesis: You build your sound using different oscillators, the more oscillators you use, the more you enrich the harmonics of the original wave form.
    Granular synthesis: This one makes crazy and weird stuff. You literally select a sound source and take "grains" (Microacoustic events.Typically of duration around orbelow the threshold of humanperception -1-100ms- Each grain contains a waveformshaped by an envelope and then you play them back kind of randomly) Check out this granular VST "Portal, Granular FX Plugin by Output" (the granular synthesis that I have built so far using reaktor or max 4 live don't sound that beautiful xD)
    You also have wavetable synthesis and FM synthesis, I can copy and paste a few class notes but to be honest, the best way to understand the different types of synthesis is to go to any tutorial and build a few so you can actually see what you are doing.

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