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Thread: difference between scales and modes?

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    difference between scales and modes?

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    i've been googling for the past few days and can't find the difference between scales and modes, on thing tells me there's no differences, one says modes are for melody etc, but can someone explain to me what the differences are?... i need you to explain it like you was explaining to a 6yr child lol... and if there is no differences whats the purpose of modes?

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    I'm really sure but are mode's more "ancient" (not as developed as scales). Modes are like the simple scales from the ancient greece era.Scales are more contemporary with more emotions.
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    You could say one scale has many modes- modes are a bit like a sub-division of scale depending on which note your start and finish the scale on (the root, or tonic)

    The modes people normally refer to are the modes of the major scale, but there are also modes of other scales, with the phyrigian dominant scale (similar to arabic scale) being a mode of the harmonic minor scale.

    But then again, if you are just learning the scales as a finger exercise and not writing music then the modes are scales.

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