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Thread: Delay on snare/rim

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    Delay on snare/rim

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    Anyone know how to achieve this kind of delay on the snare/rim? It's pretty clear and precise in its delivery, if that makes sense. My attempt sounds more like a muddy snare when I try to add delay. What is the way to go about it? Comes in at 0:35 Oneohtrix Point Never - No Nightmares (Official Audio) - YouTube

    Anyone know what rim/snare that is btw? is it from a certain drum machine, love the hihats as well

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    Snare is a standard rim/side-stick. The delay is set to 16th notes in-tempo. It's very important as a general rule to set times that fit with the rhythm and tempo of the song. If you're having other issues it would be helpful to hear an example of how you have things set (could you post a sample). Reverbs and delays can sometimes be EQ'd themselves (to emphasize various frequencies in the tail itself, not the source sound).

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