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Thread: Creating an Arabic Scale in FL Studio

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    Creating an Arabic Scale in FL Studio

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    FL Studio is really powerful software, as you all know. But if you want it to make scales for you, this video shows you how. You can pick any of the already established scales or modes, and FL studio will just make the scale for you in the piano roll. You can also make any chord, it's really quite remarkable. (hah, you can even export and print sheet music for your songs!, ...but I'll demonstrate that in another video).

    Here's how to make a scale in the Piano roll of FL Studio. In this example, it's an Arabic scale.

    direct video link:

    This is a very easy and quick way to make Arabic scales in FL Studio.
    After the scale is built, you can choose the notes from it to build Arabic sounding melodies. Once you have the scale (or key), you can build your melodies from the notes in the scale. And boom, you'll have original arabic sounding melodies to listen to on your flying magic carpet with your homeboy aladin.
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