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Thread: Compression and Equalization

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    Compression and Equalization

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    What are the best techniques ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuendokid View Post
    What are the best techniques ?
    hi there nuendokid,

    this is a big o can of worms to open...truth be told: it depends what your production/mixing/mastering intentions and goals are. For example, if you are eqing and compressing ("dynamic control" to assume gating, downward/upward expansion, and upward compression in mind as well) to record songs your goals have specific parameters, while using these tools/approaches during mixing lends itself to have different goals and limitations.

    I will preface the following ramblez with: meaningful/valuable learning is active and a bloody commitment to process, requiring comfort with parallel awareness all the whole shindig

    Lets saying you are mixing, for hypothetical scenario to illustrate my thought here:

    -possible goals and tools to consider when pursing eq and dynamic control techniques in a mix: tracks unique frequency character----tools: frequency specific saturation, multiband (MB) dynamics, EQ, Sidechain (SC) up frequency resonance for each track in need--- tools: mb dynamics, EQ, SC dynamics/eq
    3.blending tracks together to create perception of overall full-spectrum frequency balance-----tools: EQ, SC

    4.creating dynamic energy and sense of intensity with dynamic swing per track----tools: dynamics
    5.reining in fluctuating dynamic movement for peaky or unmusical inconsistent tracks; aiming for approx steady-state perceptibility of track "loudness"----tools: dynamics, EQ into dynamics, SC
    6.squeezing/expanding tracks and mix as a whole enough for modern sounding "loudness"----more of a perspective and holistic goal

    Sooo, by choosing/defining your own example-goals one can then consider techniques to achieve specific goals. Define-define-then pursue. in the end: Knowledge and experience precede wisdom, unfortunately it aint the otherway 'round. Im stressing this point of view bc poor outcome unintentionally develops when action is not grounded in self-awareness of intention or need.

    to summ with final example: if you need punchy beats and silky vocals, open thy tool box and pursue dynamics/frequency manipulation for PUNCH, then develop frequency texture reflecting silk-like vocals. Play with your tools now and again, listen to successful artists, find what "punch" or "silk" sounds like and fiddle around until you can recall where those qualities exist via tool work

    pps, youtube is great for instruction on basic tool use as well should a springboard be needed

    I hope these thoughts are a helpful primer


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    This question is a bit vague because there are so many techniques with these two topics. It honestly depends on the mix and what you want done.

    I can tell you that both are very powerful tools and can dramatically improve your music if used properly. Every track is different, If this question was a bit more specific then a conversation could ensue.

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