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Thread: Building Melodies Around the scale of a song

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    Question Building Melodies Around the scale of a song

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    I'm currently remixing a song, I have the vocals, and they are inthe scale of Gminor, question is how can i build melodies with/around Gminor, like do i have to stick with the Gminor scale, It feels as if im limited to what keys i can use if thats the case, but i know thats not true, I just dont know how to work with it, IS this the part where I should learn music theory?

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    Assuming you mean G natural minor (there are several minor scales)

    A lot of people find that limiting themselves to chords and notes only from the G natural minor scale is enough to allow them to make music that sounds like they want it to. It's kinda a beginners approximation and it guides people towards normal sounding harmony.

    There are more advanced theory ideas which don't restrict you to those notes, so don't hesitate to put in notes not from the scale if you like how they sound, but I guess the first thing most people would normally try is sticking to the scale.

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    And yes, this is the part where knowing theory (or having a good grasp on what you're doing) would help...

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